Sinopec Releases 2014 CSR Report

Sinopec held a ceremony in Beijing on June 24, 2015 to officially release its 2014 Corporate Social Responsibility Report. With the theme of “Powering Better Life”, the report presents Sinopec’s key measures and progress in performing corporate social responsibilities (CSR). Sinopec has published CSR reports for eight consecutive years since 2008 to disclose its CSR performance for the supervision from the media, the public and stakeholders while calling for more attention to the fulfillment of CSR. Sinopec invited Meng Zhaowen, a university student and the 30,000th cataract patient cured with Sinopec’s Lifeline Express, Deji Drolgar, a Grade-Four student of Sinopec Primary School in Tibet’s Baingoin County, and Sun Haidong, a truck driver using Sinopec’s diesel exhaust treatment fluid to the ceremony, and they shared their first-hand experiences of Sinopec’s CSR performance.