S-ENERGY LTD. CO. is a Philippine-based lubricant distributing company providing SINOPEC lubricants across the Philippines through a network of fully integrated warehouse facilities and experienced staffs. S-ENERGY had succeeded among all candidates and was selected by SINOPEC GROUP as the exclusive distributor of company’s lubricant oil in the Philippines.

S-ENERGY aims to provide the highest quality products and professional services and supports to all of our customers. We carry and distribute products that cater to Automotive, Motorcycles, Industrial, Power Plant, Mining, and Marine industries. We also have a mature logistic managing system which can efficiently delivering SINOPEC lubricant products to your locations in a timely manner.

S-ENERGY introduced SINOPEC’s full range of lubricants to the Philippines.  All SINOPEC Lubricants are made with 100% virgin hydrotreated, hydrocracked, PAO & PAG virgin base stocks. The lubricants promote fuel efficiency, offer superior protection and maintain international low emissions standards. The products are rigorously tested to meet or significantly exceeded standards set by the leading independent industry organizations, including, API (American Petroleum Institute), ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association), and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

SINOPEC GROUP is the world’s second largest oil refiner.  Its products have been leading the lubricant industry for years.  From oil and gas exploration equipment to lubricants for the aerospace industry, there can be no doubting Sinopec’s technical expertise and performance credentials.  As the third largest company in the world by the 2014 Fortune 500 listing, the SINOPEC Group is a major investor in energy projects around the world.

SINOPEC GROUP is a leading international petrochemical group, its lubrication products are not just fit for purpose but are also engineered to ensure that your equipment is getting the very best protection as you would expect from a global leader in lubrication. The Company offers a wide range of products for different applications, such as aviation, aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, machinery, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical and electronics. SINOPEC brand is one of the world’s 500 most valuable brands.  Sinopec Lubricant Co. is certified for ISO9001, QS9000 and TS16949 quality assurance systems and ISO14001 as well as OHSAS18001 HSE assurance systems. These management systems help ensure stable and environmental friendly quality of Sinopec lubricants. The products also meet the requirements of ISO, API and ACEA as well as various special specifications from OEMs.

SINOPEC has nearly 2000 products among 19 categories for the Philippines market. Every aspect of your lubrication needs is covered by the SINOPEC lubricant range of products.  From engine oil and gear oil, to transmission fluid and hydraulic oil, to brake fluid and grease, to gear oil and compressor oil, to metalworking fluids and turbine, to aviation and marine oils. SINOPEC  has everything you will need to keep the wheels of your operations turning smoothly, from general purpose oils through technologically superior products, to the harshest operating conditions. SINOPEC provides the highest quality lubricant and grease products to customers worldwide. With decades of improvement, SINOPEC consistently getting recognized by international independent organizations, these milestones were made through years of R&D, Innovation, Efficiency and International Quality Control Standards. SINOPEC’s strong lubricant ecosystem is demonstrated through the first collaboration among Sinopec, Shell and Total to share a 2.7 million square foot lube park.  Rest assured, all Sinopec lubricants are produced from high-grade 100% virgin base stocks, and blended with additives from top lubricant additive companies such as Chevron, Oronite and Afton.

SINOPEC GROUP is the third largest lubricants manufacturer is reaching new industry and consumer markets with its premium lubrication products. To spearhead the company’s export drive, a new “state of the art” blending facility in Singapore was put into operation in 2013.  SINOPEC uses the highest quality base oils or fully synthetic fluids to create the premium lubricants providing a complete range of OILS and GREASES to meet the needs of every major industry.